About water

A newborn baby needs approximately 100-150ml of liquid per kilogram of their body weight. Breastfeeding gives them liquid they need together with their mother's milk, while feeding babies with dry mixtures asks for special water which definitely won't change their mineral composition.

Drinking water 'Magic Water for Kids' is targeted at newborn babies and is obtained from artesian wells in an environmentally friendly Moscow region; it goes through several stages of purification. It is water of Superior Quality and meets the highest standards of Scientific Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Content of healthy ingredients in 'Magic Forest For Kids drinking water meets kids' needs.

"Magic Forest for Kids" drinking water is used for preparing kids nutrition (breast milk substitute mixtures, cereals, drinks) and also for thirst quenching at any baby age.

Keep an unopened bottle in a cool place, don't expose it to direct sunlight, and see the expiration date on the bottle. Once the bottle is open, drinking water can be used without boiling carefully to prevent it from getting any dirt or dust into the bottle. After opening keep a bottle in the fridge. It is recommended to boil water on the third day after the bottle has been opened. You may see a little sediment which is safe for your health. Little thinly dispersed white sediment is a mix of natural carbonates and calcium and magnesium sulphates. After water has been boiled it doesn't lose any properties and meets standards of superior water quality.

"Magic Forest for Kids" water helps a baby's organism work and grow properly. If you're asked which water your baby drinks, you can proudly answer that's ''Magic Forest for Kids' because it is a true example of baby care.

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Analysis protocol-5l bottle